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Meet The Team

One agency, six experts, no headache.

What makes The Branded Collective unique? Our team. No entry level staff, no interns, just experts in each area of digital marketing, working collectively under one brand to bring you everything you need to be successful.

Why does this work? Most agencies rely HEAVILY on free or discounted work done by interns or entry-level staff with no experience and low salaries. They run like factories with a cookie-cutter approach for all businesses they work with, regardless of their individual needs.

Our approach looks vastly different for each client and each industry because we believe there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to growing your business. We also take pride in paying our team well, creating a creative, respectful, inclusive and collaborative environment. The people you see on this page will be the people working on your projects day after day. No bouncing around from coordinator to coordinator due to high turnover, no random interns playing with your accounts. Let’s meet the experts on our team who are eager to help your business develop a brand with deep roots and grow:

Crystal Mazuera

Creative Director

Lexi Williams

Senior Brand Strategist

Maura Hannum

Senior Organic Social Media

Justin Martin

Senior Web and SEO Strategist

Eric DuBay

Senior Copywriter

Klinton Landress

Senior Videographer

When you come on board with our team, we will meet with you regularly, whether in-person or via Zoom your choice! You’ll get to know each of the passionate, experts working on your account so you can see just how knowledgeable and passionate they are about their area of expertise. No more Jack and Jill’s of all trades. It’s time for the specialists to step in. We’ll also use an incredibly user-friendly project management software where you’ll be able to ask questions 24/7 and see every single update as it is completed on your project. No more wondering what your marketing people are doing with the money you pay them. We lay it all out.