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Email Marketing

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It’s Monday, you just walked into the office and your inbox is already overflowing. 254 emails since Thursday night. Taking off Friday always comes with its consequences.

The average person receives 100-120 emails a day according to the experts. If you’re a busy executive or business owner, you can probably double or even triple that number. Sometimes the most time consuming part of your day can simply be searching through your emails for the must reads and getting rid of the junk. Hence, the spam folder. Meant to help automatically filter some of the unneeded and unwarranted digital mail.

With all of that said, do you think an inexperienced copywriter/designer/email marketer has any chance of getting your message heard in a sea of drowning electronic envelopes? Small chance. Very small chance.

First off, our email marketing experts would never send your email on a Monday morning when everyone is already irritated at their overflowing inbox. Tuesdays are actually ideal for most industries. But again, we don’t take a cookie cutter approach so Tuesdays may not be your ideal day for sending but we will certainly use our data to determine what day is!

Second, a great email campaign really requires multiple people working on it. You need a copywriter to make sure the subject line grabs that attention. If it doesn’t, no one will even open the email so it doesn’t matter how beautifully it is inside. And no designers are not copywriters. Designers make beautiful things and copywriters write beautiful things. You need both for a successful email campaign.

Do you know how to avoid spam filters? We’ve been doing email marketing for over ten years and have learned so much of the dos and don’ts that are ever changing. But we keep up! It’s literally our job! 🙂


We don’t use purchased lists. We won’t. They’re a nightmare. And they violate the terms of service of almost every single email software on the market save one or two super sketch ones. To start, you’re sending emails to people who have not opted in to receive them. You are interrupting their inbox with something they did not agree to; so you’re likely to leave a negative impression. First impressions are so important, so you don’t want your potential customers feeling violated and looking at your brand negatively the first time they hear from you. Number two, your metrics will always look terrible when you’re pushing out content to purchased lists. Because most of them never agreed to receive your emails, many of them will go to spam folders (email services like outlook and gmail and Zoho are REALLY good at this these days) and consumers are less likely to open emails from a brand they’ve never even heard of. So, what do you do if you haven’t built out a list of opted-in consumers to send your emails to?

This is where our list building services come in! We love helping businesses build email lists from scratch. It is an invaluable piece of data that you will own forever to use in so many ways. Guess what is one of the best performing audiences if you want to run Facebook or Instagram ads? Lookalike audiences based off your opted-in email list. Now building this list,  it doesn’t happen overnight and investing in ad spend will speed up the process. But using an organic opted-in list will result in much better metrics, higher chances at conversion and a more positive association with your brand.