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Your Friendly Neighborhood Marketing Experts

Do you know what goes on at advertising agencies?

Over the last decade our team has collectively worked at agencies all over the nation and some sadly common things we have seen include:

  • Severe lack of experience and training
  • Unlivable ‘salary’ wages and 60 -80 hour weeks
  • Interns doing the job of experts for little to no pay
  • Marketers juggling 20 accounts at one time, setting them and their clients up for failure from the start
  • Serious burnout from once passionate and eager marketers
  • Misuse of advertising funds
  • Bully senior management that leads with fear and shame
  • C-level executives calling the shots when they know nothing about current marketing trends or how they apply to the modern business

When we all came together to form the Branded Collective, we discussed at length how we had learned all the things we DON’T want to be. And began a more optimistic discussion about the good things we have seen at these agencies and what we want to bring alive here at The Branded Collective. Things we are passionate about for our brand:

  • Forming a team of experts who stay constantly up to date with everything marketing and branding so we are constantly growing
  • Livable wages for every member of the team
  • A commitment to stay small; our staff will never have more than 10-12 experts on the team and we limit the number of clients we accept at one time so they get all the attention they deserve
  • An unwaivable emphasis on work-life balance
  • Open, transparent and documented accountability for every dollar of ad spend
  • A non-traditional structure that doesn’t require micromanaging, power hungry leadership or any outdated methods that have been proven to lower productivity and passion for the role
  • A team of passionate, deeply immersed experts driving the way to innovation and staying ahead of the trends

What does that mean for you, the business owner?

That means our team wakes up (most*) mornings with a passion and drive to help brand and grow your business because they care about your brand almost as much as you do! (no one cares more for their brand than the founder, it’s facts) They eagerly ask questions to help you grow, track your growth and make creative recommendations to go in different directions if something isn’t getting the results you’re looking for.

Our creative brainstorm meetings are electric and the air buzzes with the excitement of getting to do this for a living and helping brands help people in their communities, across the nation and even worldwide. I very carefully hand selected this team because of their skill sets and more importantly, their love and passion for the industry and for you, the client. Your success is our success. Let’s meet the team.