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Sure, You Can DIY Social Media Marketing

Crystal Mazuera - September 29, 2022

Can you DIY social media marketing? You can DIY your own tattoos and piercings. You can DIY a tooth extraction (as we saw in Castaway…with one eye peeking through covered eyes). You can DIY your Starbucks order at home (to save money….as we’ve all tried and mostly been disappointed by). So, why not? Of course you can DIY social media marketing. Does that mean you should? Well, that’s up to you. 

How Much is Your Time Worth

My mom always taught me to put a price sticker on my time. When I’m getting paid to do what I’m good at and hopefully that is also something I love doing, how much money do I make? Let’s say you have built a pretty good career of it and you get paid $40 an hour to run your business or do your job when you’re working. Now, if you spend 5 hours doing laundry a week, multiply that times $40 an hour and it’s costing you $200 a week to do laundry. If you can hire a service for $80 a week to do your laundry. You’re saving $120 a week by using your time to do work valued at $40 vs laundry. 

The Time it Takes to DIY Social Media Marketing

Now, let’s apply that to marketing. We can apply it to any part of marketing, but for this argument let’s say it’s DIY social media marketing. Here’s the time commitment each week that goes into successful social media marketing:

2 hours per day researching latest trends, algorithm changes, best practices

2 hours per day checking messages and comments, responding to them, social listening for mentions of brand and responding where needed, crisis control, PR

2 hours a day creating a reel and story for Instagram and Facebook

4 hours per week creating daily content to schedule on the feed for 2-3 platforms including graphic or image, caption and hashtags if needed 

4 hours per week out on job sites or on location getting image and video shots to use in content creation 

2 hours per week making edits requested by owners and scheduling content into software to publish each day at optimal times based on research 

Do You Have the Time?

Ok, now added up that’s about 40 hours per week times $40 hour and we have $1600 a week to DIY your own social media. First of all, do you have 40 hours a week of leftover time from trying to run your business to work on social media? I highly doubt it. Do you have time to keep up with all the latest and greatest best practices and algorithm changes and updates? Do you even want to? Is that even something that interests you? For most business owners that’s a big ole’ nope! But see, we live and breathe that stuff!!! We were doing it in our free time long before we realized we could make a business out of it. So we’re super passionate about it. And you want super passionate people working for you because they do one hell of a good job! 

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Social Media Marketing

So, we’ve determined it would cost you about $6400 a month to do your own social media marketing in-house. Well, guess what? Our social media packages start at $1200/month. That’s less than a quarter of the price. How much is your time worth?

And yes, we will tag along with you or your technicians/assistants/service providers while they work to create content in action just as you would. We will even teach them how to capture content so when we aren’t in the field with them they can continue getting us footage to make your social media channels the absolute best they can be. 

If you want to learn more about how we can help you establish a REAL, meaningful social media presence, email me at or text or call me at 321-412-8500. Stop letting your wife, niece, cousin or daughter DIY it. While I’m sure they’re great, this is a professional marketing service now with fierce competition, it’s not 2016 anymore.